How did we improve the map background and routing in Google Maps?

Case study: How did we improve the map background and routing in Nova Zbrojovka Brno?

Challenge / Goal:

The goal of the project was to improve customer routing to Curling Brno and Industra in Brno, improve the map base for Nova Zbrojovka, and provide effective navigation for both pedestrians and cars using public transportation.

Solution – Improvement of the map base of Nova Zbrojovka Brno:

  • Identification of shortcomings in the original map display
  • Collaboration with the team from Curling Brno, Industra and Digisolu
  • Capturing Street View blue line in Nova Zbrojovka
  • Mapping of missing roads and paths in Google Maps in cooperation with Google
  • Repair of a disconnected road segment to the Nova Zbrojovka area
  • Change of routing to Google business profiles – Curling Brno and Industra, Industra Coffee

Nova Zbrojovka before Google Maps update

Results of the cooperation:

  • Capturing of Street View blue line in the Nova Zbrojovka Brno area
  • Significant improvement of routing in Google Maps for pedestrians, cars and pedestrians using public transport
  • Repair of the disconnected road segment, which allowed better navigation to all buildings in Nova Zbrojovka
  • Significant improvement of the Industra and Industra Coffee business profiles on Google
  • **We made everyone happy who is looking for a route on Google Maps to Nova Zbrojovka Brno ** 💙🦄

I would also like to thank Google support, because without them this could not have been done so well 😉
Thanks to Vyara from the StreetView team and the Google technical team

Nová Zbrojovka after editing and capturing the blue Street View line of Google Maps

Long-term cooperation

  • Continuous cooperation with Industra and Industra Coffee on maintaining business profiles and their surroundings.
  • Emphasizing the importance of Google Business Profile management for the success and achievement of business goals, not only on Google Maps.

Updating photos, removing irrelevant information, and regularly updating events at Industra and Industra Coffee has led to better customer interaction.

Results and future plans

The new map base and improved business profiles have led to a significant improvement in customer navigation.

Taking care of Google Business Profiles has become a key to success for Industra and Industra Coffee. Future plans include ongoing updates and further improvements to maintain a high level of navigation and customer interaction.

This case study represents a successful collaboration and emphasizes the importance of Google Business Profile management and map display for achieving better navigation and success,
not only on Google Maps.

Improvement of Google Maps in Nová Zbrojovka Brno:

  • Better routing for pedestrians, cars and public transport users
  • More accurate map information
  • Updated business profiles for Curling Brno and Industra


  • Easier access to Nová Zbrojovka for visitors and employees
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased visibility of Curling Brno and Industra on Google

This project is a great example of how collaboration between Google and local businesses can improve the quality of Google Maps.

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